Sunday, November 2, 2008

Acme People Search Affiliate Program: Can You Make Money with Your Very Own Free Acme People Search Engine??

ACME People Search Review Will NOT Make You Money!!

One third of all the searches on Google and Yahoo are people searching for other people. This is a huge niche that has grown consistently over the past few years. If you wanted to find a person online you could do it, but it could literally takes days or even weeks to find the exact person you were looking for, much less their address and phone number. We need answers quickly. We don't have time to waste. We can find people by phone number and we can find people by address through these specialized find people search engines. They even have complete background checks. These search engines have huge databases and are currently used by some large reputable companies. Now, you may ask, how does this help me? Enter ACME People Search Review!

The niche can be targeted to give you a very lucrative business. You can own your very own acme people search engine and when people search for information you get paid. The acme people search engine itself has many affiliate links embedded in it. The prospects are also sent follow up messages to increase your profits. This niche has one of the best affiliate marketing programs with Acme People Search.

A website address is the only cost of having your own, profitable acme people search engine. If you think about it, it's a small price to pay for a search engine that can generate huge commissions for you. You also get referral bonuses and a chance to create a residual income.

Your ACME people search engine review is advertised for you for free on Google, Yahoo, and MSN (so they claim). You get 12 sources of income from one site in 3 easy steps:

1) AFFILIATIZE (puts affiliate links on your people search engine that earn you cash)

2) MONETIZE (signup for a website to host and brand your people search engine) for the owner!

3) ADVERTISE (complete to make sure your affiliate links get 100% exposure)....MORE money for the owner!

This is an opportunity you SHOULD pass up. I have seen and done almost everything out there AND this one is no different - ACME People Search. It has some very misleading advertising...they claim $3000-5000/month. That is such a LIE! A very, very low percent of affiliates even get close to that amount. Don't waste your time. If you really want to make money online you must learn how and then create your own program!  Why would you quit your day job only to end up working for an online boss?  You will make much less and inconsistently and can be banned at any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Click to learn how to make money online and start profiting today with your new found knowledge! (This is what your people search engine would look like).  It's not SEOd OR Adwords ready.  You have to edit it so much to even get it ranking in the search engines.  The owner didn't even use this to make his millions. 

Now, is there any doubt that this is one of the worst affiliate marketing programs on the internet?

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ACME People Search Review

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